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In the city centre, it is still just as impossible as ever to show an out-oftown visitor any recent building that mit schüchternen männern flirten warrant an interesting discussion. The Helvetic aversion to visionary tours de force has both pros and cons. It is reflected, for example, in a construction scene in which housing takes priority.

The privileged position enjoyed by housing architecture is based on the topographic, economic and institutional conditions prevailing in the city and environs.

By contrast, housing construction conveys not only a conceptual complexity that is lacking in office architecture; as a theme, housing also seems to express the local identity with greater success. This specific condition shall be discussed here.

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Flexible accumulation Two divergent economies can be cited as driving factors for housing production in Zurich, for which the outskirts of the city have provided the perfect setting. Taking stock of the past two decades, the emergence of parallel worlds can be observed on both the urban scale and with regard to architectural commissions. In just a few years, a skyline has emerged in Zürich West consisting of high-rises devoted mainly to condominiums or rental apartments in the upscale segment.

Initially, a scenario had been pictured for this district — its name a product of urban branding — in which office buildings would replace the former industrial areas.

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Residences, however, promised a better return on investment. Dating marlborough was ultimately realized here makes it easy to forget that this was once the beating heart of the Swiss machine industry. It was after all only thanks to industrialization that Zurich once managed to outstrip Basel, Geneva and Bern in economic importance. Forbidden cities where locomotives, ship engines and power turbines were once built; textiles spun and beer bottles filled have been colonized today not only by upscale residential buildings but also by art galleries, theatres and the Zurich University of the Arts.

In the latter moved into a former yogurt factory, its envelope containing allen roth single duplex wall plate floor area that exceeds even Centre Pompidou.

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For the full-service contractor that spearheaded the project, the converted factory was first and foremost a moneymaking machine. Hence, this project demonstrated how structural transformation can have a direct impact on the division of roles.

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Although the Canton of Zurich initiated the conversion, its art university is merely the chief tenant in the complex, which also includes rental apartments. The whole is therefore not a genuine student campus but rather an example of air rights development, with the air space above the factory made profitable by adding on ten storeys for luxury housing. This model entailed countless workshops and test planning sessions with investors and architects, hoping to relaunch the industrial quarter.

Allen roth single duplex wall plate - Allen roth single duplex wall plate

In contrast to the s, when planning was usually imposed from above and the last Swiss economic recession cast its shadow, Eberhard honed his cabinet policy in the course of dealings with diverse configurations of private stakeholders. For the city district, at this point no more than a phantom, architects became sought-after suppliers of images. The fact that Zürich West plays no significant role in the recent lively development of public and subsidized housing is due to land ownership that rules out any lowcost residential construction on brownfield sites where soil often requires decontamination.

Due to the related costs and — above all — the lack of cross-subsidies, the apartments currently being built here are affordable only by a limited few. Thus, no affordable housing is being built on the sites abandoned by industry in the s and 80s. They are the counterparts of Zürich West and, as such, equally are part of the post-industrial condition: experiments taking into account that the construction of social housing has long since lost the kind of legitimacy and audience that would have been self-evident in the Keynesian welfare state.

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Objects, parcels and boundaries The belt formed around the city by residential neighbourhoods like Schwamendingen, Affoltern, Altstetten, Albisrieden, Leimbach and Wollishofen is at once a legacy of the past and the way of the future. For the last fifteen years, the objective of housing policy has been to modernize these quarters.

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This means that modernization in most cases involves the demolition of housing estates from the inter-war and post-war periods. In this regard, it is not always easy to write off the architectural value of individual ensembles within their urban context.

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And in view of what are once again monofunctional programmes, the main difference between old and new can be found in most cases solely in the size of the apartments, and especially in the increased utilization of the available land. The new buildings thus reproduce the self-containment of existing ensembles in a different typology and morphological grain — echoing indirectly the private urbanism that has arisen atop the former industrial sites.

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When existing patterns of linear construction recur in a contemporary architectural idiom, merely adopting a densified and purified form, this process of overwriting can have a destabilizing effect — particularly in the garden-city landscape with its finely balanced ratio of outdoor areas to building mass.

Instead of such divergences in allen roth single duplex wall plate, it would make more sense in some cases to embrace an urbanism of divergent objects. The architectural legacy of the welfare state has nevertheless proved a fertile atmospheric backdrop.

At the same time, such an approach is an indication of the astoundingly privileged situation enjoyed by recent architectural production.