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    So when the next heatwave comes - we are sure there are worse places to be! This finally puts an end to crooked tent pegs that lose their grip in the end.

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    Even harder and stony soils are no problem. A plastic washer protects the loops and tent panels from damage when screwed in.

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    The plate head has another advantage: The flush countersinking into the ground saves you the bruised toes, which protruding pegs unfortunately cause again and again Give it a try! The SPAX tent screw is now available.

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    This giant wooden model not only looks great, it also has many great functions: Extendable outriggers, lifting mechanism, working steering - everything included! Check out Dietmar's Instagram profile for more details on the development process and other great projects!

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    Thank you very much for the submission! Retaining grooves under the head of the screw claw into the wooden part and therefor allow a precise assembly - without wedges!

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    The reduced splitting effect due to 4CUT and the corrugated profile also allows screwing near the edge.