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History[ edit ] After the end of the single quakenbrück age the region of the present Artland became a vast glacial meltwater basin that was filled with alluvial sand by the local river, the Hase and its predecessor.

This produced a rich farmland that has dominated the countryside for centuries up to the present day. The first record of name of this region as the Artland is in It continued to be used over the centuries but it never had a clear and permanent boundary.

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A prerequisite for the economic single quakenbrück of the Artland were its good natural regional conditions and the highly fertile soil in the Quakenbrück Basin. The gentle gradient of the River Hase in the lowlands below Bersenbrück facilitated the deposition of fertile alluvial sands from the Osnabrück Upland, resulting in very fertile farmland.

The higher-lying Esch terrain was improved by fertilising it with plaggen soils taken from the rich pastures.

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Alongside the keeping of livestockwhich was the dominant form of farming throughout the Osnabrück Land until the Thirty Years' Wararable farming has always been carried out in the Artland which, in addition to oats and ryealso supported the more demanding and sought-after barley crops.

Nowadays, however, the cultivation of maize is pre-eminent, as it is in the rest of the Weser-Ems region.

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Nortrup, by contrast, was not part of the Artland heartland. It first became politically and ecclesiastically independent of Ankum in the early 20th century, the first Roman Catholic parish being founded in Even Ankum is often counted as part of the Artland Artland Cathedralthe village was however the centre point of the Farngau for centuries, to which Nortrup also belonged.