Instructions For Using The Hagiography Database

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Should you wish to search for beehiveclick on the word and it will automatically be entered in the words box on the lefthand side of the screen.

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Alternatively you may type beehive in the appropriate box. To execute a search for this word in all the vitae, click on the Search button, making sure that the box reading Show saints is empty click on it to remove the checkmark. About twenty cards will then appear on the screen. Each card will provide the following information: the page and line number of each passage where beehive a transliterated portion of the Greek text in the Notes field to provide some context the tripartite classification if the highlighted phrase see text appears, that means the Greek text of this passage can be accessed by clicking on this phrase.

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The Greek text that appears is only a fragment of the vita except in the case of short synaxarion noticesusually the paragraph from which the indexed terms were taken. For a complete list of the texts we were permitted to reproduce in this fashion see the Introduction. To return to the search screen, hit the back button on the toolbar.

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Clear the single saints dating screen by pressing the Clear button at the bottom of the screen. Search in a Single Vita If you want to search for a word in a single vita, for example, all instances stuttgart frauen kennenlernen beehive in the vita of St. Philaretos the Merciful, enter beehive in the Words box; then click on the Saint box to get a pull-down menu of saints, and click on Philaretos the Merciful.

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Click on the search button, and the eight passages with beehive in this vita will appear on the screen. If you are searching for a multi-word entry, e.

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Search For a Proper Name To search for a proper name, type the name in the appropriate box, e. Clicking on the Comment button to the right of the box will produce a list of the two individuals named Theopiste who are included in the database, and provide brief identifications.

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These names are not directly linked to the database, but will provide you with the correct form of the name. Thus typing in Theopiste.

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Please note that a period without any spaces must separate words for both proper names and toponyms e. Follow the same procedure to search for topographical names. For example, type Amorion in the appropriate box.

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Pressing the Comment button to the right will give you a brief description of the location of Amorion. Exit the Comment screen and press the Search button, and you will call up the 24 instances in which the word Amorion appears in the database. To narrow the search, you can type in an additional search parameter, such as the vita of Blasios of Amorion enter Blasios of Amorion in the Saint boxin which case only two cards will appear.

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If you are searching for a multi-word toponym e. Kosmas and Damianosyou must place a period without any space between each word of the phrase e.

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If you press the Comment button, it will list seven different churches by this name. You may highlight the church you select, and copy its name to the toponyms box on the query screen.

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Then press the search button and you will call up all instances of this church in the database. Searching All Cards For a Vita If you wish to see all the entries for a vita in the order in which they appear in the text, enter the name of the saint in the Saint's box and press search.

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This will produce the full sequence of record cards for that vita. Searching For Greek Words It is also possible to search for Greek words in transliterated form that have single saints dating entered into the Notes field for a card. Thus, if you are looking for instances single saints dating monydrion.

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