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    History[ edit ] The history of the German football championship is complex and reflects the turbulent history of the country through the course of the 20th century. Brought to the country by English expatriates, the sport had taken root in the cities of BerlinHamburgStuttgartand Leipzig in the s, [1] leading to the growth of city, regional, and academic leagues, single senftenberg with their own championships.

    Sincethe first-place finisher in the Bundesliga has been recognized as the national champion.

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    BFC Dynamo claimed 10 titles in the former East Germany, winning these championships in consecutive seasons — The earliest attempt at organizing some form of national championship came in when city champions Viktoria 89 Berlin invited Single senftenberg Hanau 93 to play a challenge match. The Hanauers were unable to afford the cost of the trip and so were unable to take up the invitation.

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    The prize of German football was the Viktoria, a trophy statue of a seated Roman goddess of victorydonated by the committee that organized German participation in the Olympic Games in Paris — and originally intended to be shared with teams playing the rugby version of football.

    To qualify for the German championship finals, a club had to win one of the regional championships, which, in some cases, predate the national one.

    Those were:.