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As an additional channel on Instagram, they are the perfect tool to provide the target group with up-to-date content.

However, social media managers keep asking themselves one question: How long should a story be? If you publish many Instagram Stories per day, they will be grouped and shown one after the other.

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Does this chaining of Stories have an influence on the reach and when do followers become annoyed? Fanpage Karma has reviewed 5 million Stories from February and comes to surprising results.


Management Summary The length of the Stories has a statistically relevant impact on the behavior of users single tanzkurs schriesheim the reach. The following findings are particularly striking: Longer Stories reach more followers than shorter ones.

Most users decide in the first few frames of a story whether they will continue to watch. The exit rate of users decreases with every frame.

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Single-frame Stories are rare and more likely to be found on smaller profiles. Videos are more suitable for short Stories and pictures for longer ones. Stories Tend to be Grouped Stories have a lifespan of 24 hours.

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If an Instagram profile posts multiple Stories per day, they are grouped and played in sequence, starting with the oldest story. This results in a large story of several frames.

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The Stories are then no longer individual but a part of a group. This has implications for their reach and user behavior, as the study will show.

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These effects affect most Stories. As the following graphic illustrates, single Stories comprising only one frame are not common and mostly found in very small profiles. For very large profiles, only less than one-fifth of Stories are loners.

To pinpoint the impact of the length of a story, it was important to ensure that the users had to see single taken instagram story frames at once. For this purpose, the frames could not be too far apart in time, as this would have meant that some users could only see the first or the last part of these Stories.

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To exclude these effects, only the Stories whose single frames were published within 10 minutes were examined for the detailed analysis. The results are meaningful and can be easily transferred to the Stories of all types and lengths. How well are you performing on Instagram? It is important to track the success of your content.

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This will help you find out what your followers like most and what works in the long run. Give it a try.

The trial is free.

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Like the sword of Damocles, this danger is an imminent threat to the reach of every single frame: once driven away, the user will no single taken instagram story see the frames at the end of the story and their content will never reach them.

Upon first glance, this seems to be an acceptably low value. However, this is the overall average of the exit rates of all individual frames.

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Upon further consideration, there is an interesting detail. The exit rate is the highest in the first frame of a story. Indeed, it increasingly declines while the user dives into the story.

At first, the results seem counterintuitive.

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You might have thought that with every additional frame the exit rate increases, but exactly the opposite is the case. The users who are not interested in the content of the story leave it early, leaving only those who really care about the story.

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However, the decrease in the exit rate per frame must not hide the fact that longer Stories continuously lose followers.