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My name is Adrian Try. Over the years I managed to create duplicates of quite a few files, especially photos. All of them find lots of duplicates, but are not always helpful in deciding which files should be kept, and which deleted. I usually decide to go through the thousands of duplicates myself, and never quite finish.
easy duplicate finder register

Easy Duplicate Finder Register

Best software to find and remove duplicate files

My name is Adrian Try. Over the years I managed to create duplicates of quite a few files, especially photos. All of them find lots of duplicates, but are not always helpful in deciding which files should be kept, and which deleted.

I usually decide to go through the thousands of duplicates myself, and never quite finish. The content in the quick summary box above serves as a short version of my findings and conclusions. Read on for the details! What Is Easy Duplicate Finder? Easy Duplicate Finder is an app for Mac and PC that can find and remove duplicate files on your computer, freeing up storage space.

These files may have been left by software apps, copying and pasting files, or creating backups. Some may still be necessary, so you might need to review the scan results before removing any files.

Care is taken that genuine duplicate files are being found. The app is not just scanning the name and date of the files; it matches files by content using an algorithm that includes CRC checksums. That means any files listed should be exact duplicates, with no false positives.

It also means the scans may take quite a lot of time. Is It Safe? Yes, it is safe to use. A scan using Bitdefender found no viruses or malicious code. If you delete a file by mistake, however, there is an Undo button to restore it. Is It Free? No, but the demonstration version of the program will show you how many duplicates it can find on your computer to inform your buying decision. The trial version will find all of your duplicates, but only remove a maximum of 10 files for each scan.

Other plans are available that let you use the app on more computers, or give you two years of updates. Easy Duplicate Finder: Easy Duplicate Finder is all about cleaning unneeded duplicate files from your computer.

It is worth noting that the program offers both a Windows and macOS version. I tested Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac thus the screenshots below are all taken from the Mac version. I decided to scan just my user folder. I chose File Search from the scan mode selection on the right, and added that folder to the list on the left. It took just a few seconds to scan the 5, files on my MacBook Air, which is faster than I expected. From here you can do one of four things: Open the Assistant for a few cleanup options.

Remove all the files Easy Duplicate Finder has identified as duplicates, keeping the originals. Save the scan for another day. Go Fix Them, which lets you review the results and make your own decisions.

Remove All Now is quick and easy. It does require a level of trust that the app has correctly identified which file you want to keep, and which it can safely delete. The app does a pretty good job at picking which file is the original and which are the duplicates. In my tests, files that were only slightly different were not identified. Generally this is a good thing, though there are times that it would be good to see close matches as well, like MacPaw Gemini 2 can do.

When deleting the exact duplicates, you can move the files to the trash safer , or delete them permanently faster. I opted for the trash. Using the demo version of the app, just 10 of my duplicates were deleted.

The Assistant allows you to select which duplicate is not deleted: If a lot of duplicates were found, that can be very time-consuming.

All files with duplicates are listed. Click the disclosure triangle to view more details about each duplicate, and select which to delete. You can also view the files as a list, so you can see at a glance the path, size and modify date, which can be of great help when deciding which files to delete.

Besides deleting the duplicates, you can move or rename them, or replace them with a symbolic link, which leaves the file listed in each folder while only taking up the space of a single file. My personal take: Scanning for duplicate files is fast and accurate.

Deleting the duplicates is fast in those cases where you can trust the programs judgment, but can be tedious if you need to work through each file individually. These scans are slower because you are working through an internet connection. It took just five minutes to scan my 1, Dropbox files, but I gave up on scanning my massive Google Drive file store after four hours or so.

Compare Two Folders for Duplicates You might have two similar folders on your computer, and you want to compare them for duplicates. You can perform a Folder Comparison instead. I was expecting to see a side-by-side comparison of the folders. Instead, the interface is similar to the file scan. A Folder Comparison allows you to quickly check for duplicate files in two specific folders. So I ran a Contacts Scan.

Scanning through my contacts for duplicates took a long 50 minutes. Easy Duplicate Finder found 76 duplicate contacts, which take up just 76 KB of my hard drive. Now comes the tricky part: Merging the contacts seems the most appealing option.

Unfortunately, only the first three email addresses are merged. All other contact information found in the duplicates is lost.

So I decided to examine each contact to decide which to delete. Not helpful! I gave up. Email Mode scans for duplicate emails. I tried again, and completed the scan in three or four hours. After scanning 65, emails, 11, duplicates were found, taking up 1.

That made me wonder what the app considers a duplicate. They were from the same thread, and shared common quotes, but not identical. Use caution when scanning your email! I was curious about how much my duplicates were wasting. By default, it looks for files with duplicate artist and title tagsā€”in other words, it looks for songs with the same name recorded by the same artist.

That rings alarm bells for me. Artists often record different versions of the same song, so some of the scan results will definitely not be duplicates. I recommend caution. On my iMac, it took just over 20 minutes to scan , audio files and identify 4, possible duplicates using over 12 GB of space. The iTunes Scan is similar, but scans your iTunes library rather than your hard drive.

For me, this scan took hours longer. By default, a music scan will possibly list different versions of the same song as well as actual duplicates. In the preferences, you may want to add the options to have Easy Duplicates Finder also compare the album, year or duration of the song as well.

The scan just took a second or two. No files were scanned, and no duplicates were found. I checked that the correct photo library was being scanned. It is, and it includes almost 50 GB of photos. Your mileage may vary. This works very well, and scans are quite fast. The app needs improvement in these areas. Ease of Use: While automatically deleting the files was simple, I sometimes found myself wishing for additional information when deciding which duplicates to delete.

Read our Gemini review. MacClean macOS: The app is like a Mac cleaning suite that includes a set of smaller utilities, one of which is duplicate finder.

Read our review of MacClean here. DigitalVolcano DuplicateCleaner Windows: DigitalVolcano DuplicateCleaner will find and delete duplicate files, music, photos, documents and more.

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Easy Duplicate File Finder helps you find and remove duplicate files on your PC. It finds true duplicates by content (instead of file name and. Find the best programs like Easy Duplicate Finder for Windows. More than 10 alternatives to choose: Fast Duplicate File Finder, AllDup, The name and logo of Softonic are registered trademarks of SOFTONIC INTERNATIONAL S.A. An easy to use interface helps you tell Duplicate Cleaner where to look and what to look for. The unique Selection Assistant will help pick the files to remove.

Easy Duplicate Finder Review

Duplicate Cleaner can find them and help you safely remove them: You won’t believe how much space it frees up. Version 4. Many new features in this major update.

What is the best software on the market for removing duplicate files?

The Producer Edition of this package is reputed as having more than 80 quality instruments plus effect plugins that effectively cover automation, synthesis, sample manipulation or playback, equalization filtering, reverb, flanging, chorus, bit-crushing, compression, distortion, delay, and many other important functionalities. Just in case all the array of instruments plus effects offered by FL studio do not appeal much to you, you can switch to any of the VSTs because this package supports them.

What that means is that a third party plugin can be used on this DAW tool in much the same way as it can also be used on another host.

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