Eq2 Character Search

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Your donations make it possible for us to continue to operate and update EQ2U! Quest data excluding Chaos Descending has now been imported. We hadn’t updated in a while.
eq2 character search

Eq2 Character Search

Forgotten Spaces of Norrath: Why We Need a History of Digital Spaces

Your donations make it possible for us to continue to operate and update EQ2U! Quest data excluding Chaos Descending has now been imported. We hadn’t updated in a while.

We are working on getting Chaos Descending data even if it requires some manual data entry. March 21, Collections can now be linked directly by name added for DarqUI. Fixed a problem where collection reward popups wouldn’t load. February 13, Guild Search excludes inactive servers by default.

December 13, Character Spells page now detects and displays whether your character has scribed Epic 2. December 12, Level Spell data has now been loaded.

Level spells that replace lower-level spells should all be set correctly. Character Spells page now checks your completed Quest journal to determine if you have Epic Repercussions completed. December 11, Ascension level spell data has been loaded. Achievements which have been removed from the game can now be excluded from EQ2U. So far, 9 achievements have been blocked.

Please e-mail us if you find more! Excluded several Quests which were removed from the game. December 6, Ascension tab for characters now handles Ascension levels There is a Census bug with boosted Ascension which prevents displaying the Progress bar. We have not yet loaded level Ascension spells. Fixed some bugs with excluding Guild ranks. November 28, Items now display “power” instead of mana. Resists display “vs type”. Updated Achievement category tabs and subcategories.

Updated Factions. Increased level cap to Increased guild level cap to Leaderboards have been updated after a long hiatus, but aren’t updating automatically yet. Race to Trakanon data was restored from a backup. May 16, Gear Report level cap raised to 90 for Stormhold. Orange adornments now show on the Character sheet. Character health is no longer capped at Hopefully the change is not too jarring!

Autoattack stats have received new tooltips and styling on the Character Details sheet for level characters to reflect the importance of Autoattack with recent content updates. January 3, Introducing Item Compare! When viewing any piece of armor, jewelry, weapon, or shield, click on the scales icon in the Wishlist box to compare that item to existing items on your chosen character.

Must be logged in! Characters who have chosen more than one Heroic Endline in their Alternate Advancements will now see the correct points calculated on the Tooltip and Total Points spent. We are working on adding Ascension and Mercenaries character tabs. December 14, Loot Tracker now defaults to showing level items.

Zone List can now be filtered to Solo, Heroic or Raid. Gear Report has been optimized to only load characters that match specified filters. December 9, Collections updated for Kunark Ascending.

Thanks to player feedback, 9 invalid collections were removed. Character Recipes wasn’t updating properly! We cleared the ancient data cache until the issue could be fixed. December 5, Gear Report has been revised to show Resolve instead of Stamina. Added Resolve stat to Item Search. Gear Report now only returns characters from active servers.

April 29, Characters updated to support Resolve. Increased Fervor hard cap to on Characters. April 9, Server dropdown menus on Character and Guild search now show active servers first. We’ve removed the buttons for inactive servers from the Leaderboards page. March 29, Fixed an issue where Character Discoveries was showing more than one discovery date.

January 13, Damaged Spirit Stones now display a notice that they can be crafted into functional ones. All ToT dropped items now display which Infusing materials they can be Salvaged into. December 17, Reloaded Quest data for the expansion. December 9, Updated Recipes and Collections for the expansion. December 2, Guild Search now supports level guilds. This feature allows you to see the progress of any number of characters on all of EQ2’s main tradeskill quest lines. Nearly quests are tracked in this checklist.

You no longer need to navigate to a character first. August 5, Character searches should no longer timeout because a Server world filter has been chosen. April 19, We’ve got loot! When viewing the details for an item, you’ll see where it drops.

March 13, Tooltips — The stats in the left column of Character Details pages now all have helpful We hope! March 9, Character Tabs have been adjusted to make room for a new tab — Dethdlr’s Adornment Calculator. February 27, Collectibles!

When viewing a Collectible item, it now links back to its collection. Collection and Quest Reward Items — Items which are a reward from a Quest or a completed Collection now link back to the Quest or Collection that awards them.

February 6, Contact Form — In order to facilitate feedback, bug reports, and easier contact with our users, we’ve added a Contact Form accessible anywhere on EQ2U. Fixed an issue preventing searching for Food and Drink of a specific level. Item searches now hide more irrelvant fields based on item type. Look for the new buttons at the top of Character Details pages. Gear Report has been revamped for Altar of Malice. Stamina and Health baselines have been increased. Our Dungeon Maker pages now reflect a recent change where all EQ2 characters are automatically granted nearly all DM items and spawners.

January 3, Weapons which apply a specific damage type Fire, Mental, Divine, etc. Weapons now also show the correct raw minimum damage. Read past EQ2U update notes from If you have any further questions about Privacy, please contact Daybreak. Design and layout are copyrighted and may not be used without permission.

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EverQuest II is the next generation of massively multiplayer gaming, a huge online world where thousands of players come together for adventure and. What does this information mean? Steps Harvest five of Beechlilly’s leaves. These are ground spawn harvest nodes around Spirit Lake. (, -4, )/ waypoint. Your character’s attributes are shown in the Character window. Find the item in your bag, and right-click it to see a menu of actions: Examine, Equip (if you can.

Everquest 2 AA Calculator

Forgotten Spaces of Norrath: A few weeks later, he guided readers through the odd digital space of Second Life. Another game with a similar, yet distinct, story is Everquest II. The most populated single zone in EQ2 as of this writing is the Phantom Sea. I picked up EQ in at the behest of my friend and future college roommate.

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Advanced Combat Tracker features: These plugins are typically open-source giving multiple examples of how to create new parsing plugins.

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Everquest 2 AA Calculator. Character Search: LClick/RClick = Spend/Remove 1 Point; LClick + Shift/Alt/Ctrl = Max ranks possible; RClick + Shift/Alt/Ctrl. LoginCreate AccountPremium Services · Home · News Archives · Support · New Comments · ZAM Tools. Database. Zones · By Type · By Expansion · Levels. EverQuest II is a 3D fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game ( MMORPG) When EverQuest 2 was launched, a player chose the character’s archetype during the initial character Players of the original EverQuest will find many familiar places and characters, as well as “heritage items” that are similar in .

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Eq2 Character Search

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