Google Maps App For Windows Phone 8

HERE is dropping support for Windows Phone with its maps, navigation apps | ZDNet

Windows Phone based smartphone users are currently redirected to Google homepage on request for Google Map, this restriction is going to be lifted. Advertisement Users of Windows Phone based devices will soon be able to use Google Maps as Google is trying to lift its existing restriction. Currently, Windows Phone based smartphone users are not able to access Google Map as they are directed to the Google homepage whenever they try to access the maps.
google maps app for windows phone 8

Google Maps App For Windows Phone 8

Navigation & Maps | Windows Phone Area

Khamosh Pathak 14 Jul Thanks to Google Maps and countless other apps, we take maps and location services for granted. In times like these it is better to have offline maps to guide you through. Most of the apps listed here have offline search function so you can use them just like normal maps app and by turning on GPS and not data you can identify your current location and navigate easily.

You can only make the current area map offline. To do that just tap the search bar, scroll to the bottom and select Make this map area available offline. On iOS 7 it says Save map to use offline. To get the most out of the features of the updated maps app check out our detailed guide. What is it good for? You can download offline maps for any country you like, but make sure you do so on Wi-Fi before heading out into the wild because they are pretty big downloads.

Once downloaded though, you can pinch to zoom and pan around any area you like and relevant information will keep popping up as you get deeper into a region.

When it comes to details, Maps With Me has the basics covered. The pro app lets you search and bookmark locations within the app. Maps With Me is one of those just so you have it kind of apps. Better to download it, you never know when you might need it.

You can also install the app on a variety of Windows Phone devices. Quite the contrary. But this depends solely on your location. When you first start app, it will ask you to download maps for offline use. From the three dotted menu, select Download Maps and select Download New Maps and download the localized map for offline use.

Saving almost half of download costs and storage space is no small feat. Galileo is also a well rounded maps app. The paid upgrade gets you features like driving mode, GPS tracks recording, bookmarks and a lot more. How Do You Travel? Let us know in the comments below. Last updated on 8 Feb, Also See.

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Google Maps – Explore the world from your phone and get directions to any Since it is available for Windows Phones as well, this app can be a reliable . 1) is there google map on windows phone apps store 2) is there google plus or google chrome on windows phone apps store Jan 31, While Google has infamously declared they have no plans for any official Windows Phone apps, developer Alexey Strakh has been working on.

This is Why You Can’t Access Google Maps on Windows Phone

Attempting to access Google Maps from a Windows Phone device redirects the user to Google’s main homepage. Earlier this afternoon, this behavior was noted by forum users on The Verge. We were able to confirm the behavior on our own Windows Phone devices and on a desktop web browser with a modified user-agent string. Sure enough, attempts to access maps.

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Published by Steve Litchfield at 7: Turns out it runs perfectly under Windows 10 Mobile too!

HOWTO VIDEO: Navigation & Maps | Windows Phone Area

Hi guys, As a side project, I’ve been working on a PWA version of Google Maps ( based on Google releasing a PWA version called Google. Jul 14, Thanks to Google Maps and countless other apps, we take maps and location services for granted. While these apps are extremely powerful. Aug 27, GMaps is another great app when it comes to navigation, providing an easy way to use Google Maps on your Windows Phone. The app offers.

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Google Maps App For Windows Phone 8

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