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Reset Done Eric ChurchHomeboy Chords This song is played a half-step down and drop d tuning. E7 Cadd9 D x x x xx h h Riff 1: DHomeboy, you’re gonna wish one day, Cadd9 E7 You were sittin on the gate of a truck by the lake D Cadd9 E7With your high school flame on one side, ice cold beer on the other D Cadd9Ain’t no shame in a blue collar forty, little house, little kids, little E7small town story D Cadd9 E7 If you don’t ever do anything else for me, just do this for me brother Come on home, boy. Repeat Intro Verse 2:
homeboy tabs

Homeboy Tabs

Artist: Eric Church | Song: Homeboy (intro)

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Eric Church, Homeboy (intro) Tabs

Homeboy (ver 3). chords. Homeboy (ver 4). chords. Homeboy (ver 5)*. 7. chords. Homeboy intro. 8. tab. Homeboy intro (ver 2). 5. tab. Homeboy intro (ver. Choose and determine which version of Homeboy chords and tabs by Eric Church you can play. Last updated on Homeboy Tabs – Eric Church, Version (1). Play Homeboy Tabs using simple video lessons.

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Ukulele chords left handed Eric Church – Homeboy DYou were too bad for a little square town with your Cadd9hip-hop hat and your Em7pants on the ground Heard you Dcussed out mamma, pushed daddy around You Cadd9tore off in his cEm7ar DHere you are runnin’ these dirty old streets TatCadd9too on your neck, fake Em7gold on your teeth Got the Dhood here snow, but you cant fool me, we Cadd9both know who you Em7are Chorus: DHomeboy your gonna wish one day you were Cadd9sittin’ on the gate of a Em7truck by the lake with your Dhigh school flame on one side, ice cold Cadd9beer on the Em7other DAin’t no shame in a blue collar forty, little Cadd9house little kids little Em7small town story If you doDn’t ever do anything else for me just Cadd9do this for me Em7brother, come on hoDmeboy Cadd9 Em7 DI’s haulin’ this hay, Uncle Joe’s farm Cadd9Thought of us bare foot Em7kids in the yard Man it sDeems we were just catchin’ Cadd9snakes in the barn now you’re Em7caught up in this mess DI can use a little help unloadin’ these bails Cadd9I can keep ya pretty busy with a Em7hammer and a nail Ain’t a Dglamorous life, but it’ll Cadd9keep you outta jail and not Em7worry us all to death [Repeat Chorus] DYou can’t hold back the hands of time Cadd9Mamas goin’ grey and so is Em7Daddy’s mind D Cadd9 Em7 arpeggiate I wish you’d come on back and make it alright before they’re called


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Free printable and easy chords ver. 4 for song by Eric Church – Homeboy. Chords ratings, diagrams and lyrics. Homeboy by Eric Church tab. One accurate version. No abusive ads. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal. Eric Church – Homeboy Chords, Tabs, Tablatures for Guitar. + Eric Church song lyrics. ringtone. MP3.

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Homeboy Tabs

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