Humorous Wifi Names

World’s funniest, naughtiest and rudest wifi network names revealed

Then you are in the right place. Most of the times users keep boring WiFi names like their name or some company name. Because your Wifi name is not just visible to you. Your Wifi name can be can be seen by your neighbors as well. Some people do not care what the name of their Wi-Fi is and do not bat an eyelash when it is something boring.
humorous wifi names

Humorous Wifi Names

240+ Funny Wi-Fi Names for your Network SSID

A friend of mine is mad about football. He used to play it in the yard. I bet, not only in his one. Never stay at the following hotel, it is not very hospitable to its clients.

If your girlfriend lives near your place, you can propose her in the following original way. This is a very odd example. It looks like that only birds live in that place. If your parents use Wi-Fi, there is no better hint for them than the following one. The following is a very popular network name, especially in some villages.

This wireless name is found in a block of flats, full of postgraduates. This name was found in a snack bar, somewhere in the outskirts.

In a retirement home! We wish you could do the same at this age. This is an often problem when your neighbor is a musician. As you can see from the example below, the message is delivered well. If you have already listened to all the music library of your neighbor, advise him to try something new from this guide. Dogs are even more annoying than music.

You can also tell your neighbors about this via Wi-Fi naming. This network is very mystical. It may be or may be not. It may be free or may be not. This is the router name at a secondary school. It seems that not only ordinary subjects are taught there.

One more funny Wi-Fi title which can draw your attention. The owner of this router seems to adore politics and IT. I cannot guess why the owner of this Wi-Fi router called it in this way. Do you have any ideas? The following Wi-Fi name is too creative to exist in our world. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Someone is going to play hide-and-seek. The followinf Wi-Fi router owners may be either very generous to tell Wi-Fi password or mocking at naive neighbors.

The following LAN networks seems to be down from time to time. The popular phrase said on weddings can also become a name for a wireless connection. You can borrow other Wi-Fi names from the video below: And how original is your Wi-Fi router name? If not very, feel free to use any title listed below for your own Wi-Fi network:

Funny Wifi Names for Your Network SSID

A good WLAN name makes it easy to find your own network, but a funny a more user-friendly label, like Wireless Network Name in my case. This list of 19 funny WiFi names will have your neighbors cracking up—or scratching their heads. Get Best WiFi Names ideas, Clever wireless network names, Funny Wi-Fi names, Creative, Good & Cool Wi-Fi Names list for your Network SSID Router

75 Best WiFi Names (Creative, Cool, Clever and Funny) in 2019

Many people connect to Wi-Fi without caring to know much about some of the technical terms that come with it. SSID is a technical term for Wi-Fi routers that many people do not know how it works or what the acronym stands for. If for example, you are in a public place like the airport or a coffee shop and you want to join a Wi-Fi network, then all you do is check out the available wireless networks near you and join the one you have authorization to join. The name of the network is called SSID.

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Aim for unique but memorable. Never include personal information like your real name, address, apartment number, birthdate, etc. Never make the SSID related to the network password.

HOWTO VIDEO: 87 Funny Wifi Names To Raise the Comedy Level In Your Neighborhood

Wifi Names Funny – A Blog of Cool Funny WiFi Names for Home, Cafe Shop, Clubhouse and for Offices with large number of wifi names. A good WLAN name makes it easy to find your own network, but a funny a more user-friendly label, like Wireless Network Name in my case. Best Funny WiFi Names For Your WiFi Router, Wi-Fi Names for Your Network SSID, and Wi-Fi Names For your Home Router (Best WiFi Names.

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Humorous Wifi Names

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